Beyondschool Mérida

Imagine a place in the world where there are

  • – like-minded families around you,
  • – company for children from the very first day of your stay at a place of your journey,
  • – affordable, well equipped midterm accommodation,
  • – programs and activities with other families.
  • – lots of things to explore, play and learn together.

We are building a community close to Mérida, Yucatan, in San José Tzal for and of traveling families, worldschoolers, homeschoolers and local families who want to be a part of our beyondschool experience. About the whole vision, you can read here.


What are we planning to do here in a community?

Outdoor activities for children: playing some well-known plays like tig, hide and seek, darts, or anything else that can be done outside.

Board games together at least once a week.

Crafting activities: anything that is made by hand.

Weekly academic topics: in a self-directed way depending on interest

Cooking together: preparing food together and with the children. 

Language exchange: learning some basics from each other and of course some Spanish.

 Interactive museum and city visits for families. Being active, interactive, not just watching the objects in the museums, sometimes for forgetting.

Weekly meetups with local homeschoolers: in parks of the city for being together.

Music: activities held by music teachers.

 Day-trips: one-day trips to cenotes, pyramids or beaches around Mérida, depending on our wishes.

Free time for parents: why not being without the children for a while, while they are making new experiences in a workshop?

Accommodation: in a quinta in San José Tzal, 12 miles from Mérida downtown.

More details you can read here.


Why San José Tzal?

San José Tzal is a small village 12 miles away from Mérida downtown.

Here you can be a part of our beyondschool expreience in a quinta with 6 family rooms, a sheared kitchen spacios places in the house and with a small pool for you and your children.

San José Tzal is located 12 miles from Merida downtown, 30 miles from the see, not far from cenotes and pyramids.

Mérida is the first city in Mexico, founded by the Spanish conquistadors in 1542. Therefore, here you can find lots of traces of the Spanish culture, like the first Catedral of Mexico and a living tradition like walking people in the streets in their everyday Mayan dresses. They say there is here a mixture of the original Mayan and the newcomer Spanish culture.

Mérida supposed to be one of the safest places in Mexico. There is a lot to do here are many museums (more of them for free), workshops, programs, festivals, and small events for every day.

There is a growing number of expats and Mexican families moving to Merida, and so there is an increasing interest for alternative schooling (I mean homeschooling, unschooling, flexischooling, worldschooling or whatever you can imagine.).