Want to be conscious at a place with good, vibrating energies

among likeminded people from all around the world in walking distance?

Now, we can build up a community like this together!

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The vision

Imagine some places in the world where there are

  • – [infopopup tag=likeminded] families around you in walking/ bicycle distance,
  • – company for children from the very first day of your stay at a place,
  • – affordable, well equipped midterm accommodation,
  • – programs and activities with other families.
  • – lots of things to explore, play and learn together.
  • – When you have given and gotten enough in one place, you can move on to another place. Maybe the next stop in the worldschool hub, maybe with well-known families.

Now, we can build up a community together with you. Your words count!

Please let us hear them!

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Let us know, where in the world you would like to start and share your ideas wishes so that it can be a worldwide hub! Let us know, what you can add to this community! There is sure a lot.

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Want to set up a beyondschool community at your place? Want to be a part of building it for you and your children?

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What would our hub offer?

Likeminded families and company for children

Living next to like-minded families around you in walking/ bicycle distance and finding company for your children from the very first day of your stay at a place.

Sounds good? If you live close to other homeschooler families, you make the opportunity for the kids for being together as often as they want to. Just go into the neighborhood and your kid might have company. Or maybe you can be the supervisor of other children for some hours?

Imagine a place with houses close to each other in an area, where children can play safe and free, close to your home.


Appropriate accommodation 

Problems with accommodations? Highly expensive cost for midterm accommodation? Or difficulties with finding one? You don’t get, what was promised?

We would provide affordable, well-equipped accommodations, where you don’t have to buy towels or sheets on the first day, the fridge will work and you will have equipment for cooking or cleaning.


Contact with other children

Weekly meeting at a nice place, park or playground in the town, at the beach or in forest to be together with local homeschooler, worldschoolers, or slow travelers.

Kids can share information with each other in form of presentation in a chosen topic, can play free or just be together. They can make together activities in connection with an actual event. Most important would be that children can play around together free meanwhile parents can chat around. Do you have a topic, which might be interesting for children?


Activities, programs

Regular, weekly or monthly activities for children. Weekly outdoor activities, board games, learning projects, city walk, music, art, cooking together local and international, local activities etc. Depending on needs and local conditions. What else? Which one of these would you volunteer as a workshop? Maybe we could cook your favorite food together according to your instructions?





Making day trips at or around the place you are. Exploring cities, jungles, forest, plains, places, events or anything else. Together it is much more fun. Especially if you can share it with other people on the internet via a website made for worldschoolers. Or maybe you could be a part-time guide during the trip?




Learn together

Learning from each other, teaching each other is one of the most inspiring things in the world. If you make it in groups, even better. You can soon check out some of the projects we made this year! You can join the upcoming ones in person, or we could share our experiences on the internet. The project plan for the next two years is coming soon! Join our facebook group, to get the newest info! You might be a keen on a special topic, which is interesting for children. Could you share with us your passion?



Being together

If you want to be a part of this adventure, let us know!

Now we can build this up this vision together. Share your feelings an thoughts!


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