We are a family with two boys (born in 2008 and 2011).
We are unschoolers with a tendency of homeschooling and worldschooling. The main goal would be to reach self-directed learning at the boys. Now, they need some help to find the direction but we tend to head this way. If they have a question, we have our next topic. If I tell them let’s learn something new, they are ready to act. This is a magical word for them to get more knowledge about the word, to improve logic, memory, thinking, be creative and have fun.  We like to experience, learn, feel, connect to other people and find the bright side of life.


We left our country of origin more than a year ago. Since then we slow travel. We lived in different places in different countries or just visited them for a short time. Besides the sunny side of our adventure, we had also difficulties with finding company for the children, time for ourselves and sometimes also with finding an appropriate place for living. Airbnb is not always like in the promise. Added to this for me takes a longer time to get in touch with the people around me.


During our journey, we have defined our needs and found a possible solution to solve our issues.

We would welcome if we could

  • – meet a bunch of like-minded families
  • – find company for the kids from the very first day of your arrival at a new place
  • affordable midterm accommodation
  • – programs and activities for children with or without parents
  • – day trips for families
  • – explore the place we are at.

To fulfill our needs and hopefully not just ours but of others too we start setting up a beyondschool hub. The first stage is in San José Tzal, Mexico. Here you can read more about the vision and our pilot program.