Weekly meetup – Día del Muertos

This time we met in the Parque del Fraccionamiento around the Día del Muertos.

This park is a huge one in the eastern part of Mérida with some small pyramids in it.

We could hear there a nice and very informative presentation about the Día del Muertos from Clau and her daughter.

After the presentation, the kids (and parents) had the opportunity to make a painting about the Día del Muertos or playing on the playground. We had huge papers and some watercolor for painting.


Some of the children painted their own altars – because in Mexico people usually make altars for their deceased – others drew national dresses and my sons made a Jack O’lantern and a volcano. (The last one has absolutely no connection to the Day of Dead.)


Meanwhile parents were talking about the traditions of the Day of the Dead in different parts in Mexico and there were some words about the traditions in Hungary.

After having finished the art activity, we went another part of the park where we could climb pyramids and play tig.



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