Questions and answers

 Like-minded? That is a hard question.

Yes, it is.

Like-minded is hard to define. We think that, at least usually, you will find like-minded families in a worldschooler community. You expect that traveling people, lots of them homeschooling, may be facing similar issues like you are and have lots of adventures of traveling. To them, you don’t have to explain how you dared to leave your country of origin for shorter or longer time, why you don’t school your children in a traditional way etc. You don’t have to explain what worldschooling or, homeschooling mean, they are familiar with these words.

And of course, we are different as well. We follow different diets, use different languages, have different cultural roots, and think differently about worldschooling, … but all of us are supposed to be open to and respectful with other people.


 Affordable accommodation? 

If you want to go to a place, there you might find, that midterm accommodation costs way more per week / month than an average long-term solution would. We rent the houses for longterm, that’s why we can get a better price and that way you don’t have to bargain about prices with owners. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The houses are in a safe region, equipped in a family-centered way, with really working household appliances.


 The price. What does it mean, that the price depends on me?

Yes, it does. We rent the houses for at least one year. We are waiting for you here for some time and you can contribute in ways you want to. If you can give mostly your time and ideas for the group and you have less money for the accommodation, it is fine during the pilot program. If you are busy and have to work a lot, but you appreciate that meanwhile, your child can be with other people still close to you, you may want to support the initiative with a bit more money.