Beyondschool in San José Tzal


Want to be conscious at a place with good, vibrating energies

among likeminded people from all around the world in walking distance?

Now, we can start building up a community like this together!


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The vision

Imagine places in the world where there are

  • – like-minded families around you,
  • – company for children from the very first day of your stay at a place,
  • – affordable, well equipped midterm accommodation,
  • – programs and activities with other families.
  • – lots of things to explore, play and learn together.
  • – More about the full vision here!


First stage: San José Tzal – Mexico

After months of searching for the right place, dealing with house owners and balancing between advantages and disadvantages of locations we finally have found a nice place for the beyond-school hub in a quinta in San José Tzal, 12 miles from Mérida.

Families from all around the world are welcome to be together with other worldschoolers to have company for your children and yourself from the very first day of your stay at the place in Mexico.

Are you interested in the pilot program in San José Tzal, Mexico? 

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Join the pilot program in San José Tzal!



are we waiting for in the pilot program?

First of all, we would like to invite you as an active member for building up a working concept for the beyondschool community. We appreciate and wait for your opinion about the topics where we can improve, how we can make your stay at a place more comfortable, more exciting, how we can improve to fulfill your needs. And the most exciting is to form a living and always changing beyondschool community which can serve the actual needs.

We would like to encourage every beyondschooler to be an active member of the community.

  • – Share your knowledge about any topic!
  • – Be a nanny for one of the mornings, while other parents can have time for themselves! Next day is your day 🙂
  • – Teach some basic words of your language!
  • – Be a guide who makes some outdoor activities for the children!
  • – Organize a garden party!
  • – Be a chef for some hours and let’s cook your favorite food together!
  • – Share a post about your day in our community.
  • – Any other idea?

is the start?

First stage is San José Tzal, close to Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico. San José Tzal is a small village 12 miles from Mérida, 35 minutes by public transport (every 15 minutes).


San José Tzal is located 12 miles from Mérida, 40 miles from the ocean, the closest airport is in Mérida, and has a good location as being a base for one-day trips to cenotes, pyramids, and to the everyday programs in Mérida.

Accommodation is in a quinta close to the center of the village, public transport at the gate. The quinta has 6 family rooms all with private bathroom, a spacious dining room, a big living room, a shared kitchen, a small pool and a huge terrain around the house. You don’t have to buy towels or sheets after arriving in the house, the fridge will work and you will have equipment for cooking and cleaning. The closest football pitch is 3 blocks from the house, next to the basketball field. There are some activities for children in the community house of the village too.

In the quinta you can have  all basic things included, like beds, sheets, shelves in the rooms, closets, towels, laundry basket, toothbrush holder, toilet paper, soap in the bathroom, plates, flatware, dishes, sponge, washing liquid, coffee machine, fridge, stove in the kitchen, a fan in your room, dining table, chairs and cleaning equipment.

is the start?

The pilot program starts on the 1st of May 2019 and lasts until the end of April 2020.

Want to be one of the first visitors?

Contact us on FB 
or send an e-mail to

to come to San José Tzal for a while?

Because of like-minded families, company, and programs for both children and families in a self-directed way, and because of Mexico. Exploring, learning, cooking having rest or simply being together.

We want to build up a self-directed community, so all the opportunities are always changing depending on the participants.

In the plan children can take part of different workshops like music, art, science, weekly outdoor activities, board games, homeschooler meetups, going together into museums, exploring the city, language exchange, communication games, cooking together and following a curriculum once a week if wanted (vision: with worldwide connection via internet), participate in local activities. Depending on needs and local conditions and of course on you and your children.


can you get here?

Anything that we make together.

To be more precise, some of the planned activities are listed below.


Board games: at least once in a week together, and as often as you want anyway. Board games and homemade board games. Did you try Alhambra? Do you like snakes and ladders? We could play ancient games, very modern ones, new games, mathematics or reading games, memory games or even self-developed ones.

Crafting activities: Anything the kids want to try: beading, sewing, painting,  papier mache, crafting with plasticine, montage etc. Would you like to show us a new technic? 

 Outdoor activities for children: playing some well-known plays like tig, hide and seek, darts, we might try traditional Mexican games, games of your country of origin. What was the favorite in your childhood? What is the favorite of your children? Show it for everybody here!

Weekly academic topic: One academic topic for a week with different activities. Here are some of the topics we made earlier: prehistoric men, equinox, languages – differences and similarities. Would you like to teach us a topic?

Cooking together: would be great once in one or two weeks: preparing your favorite food together or some local food or the food of your country of origin or one of a chosen country. Once we have made szilvás gombóc together with local children. Can you teach one of your favorite foods? 

Language exchange: learning some basics from each other, basic Spanish for nonspeakers, maybe some Mayan words? Can you introduce your native language? Just to teach how to say Good Morning, my name, and maybe count up to ten.

 Interactive museum and city visits for families in Mérida

– Explore downtown active! Don’t just see, also watch!
– Be active in a museum! Find out titles for the artwork in the Museo MACAY. Try to do something in the same style at home!
– Find your favorite music in the Palacio de la Musica!
– Find the right answers to the questions in the Museo Naturhistorico!
– Climb the trains in the Railroad Museum! And solve a quiz when you are there!
– Visit one of the programs in downtown! Here are just a few options from those Mérida offers.

Weekly meetups with local homeschoolers: going to a park, playing free while parents can chat with each other, visiting museums, making presentations of different topics, making activities connected to actualities, treasure hunt or other activities. Any other activities? Planned are music workshops, art, maybe sign language and anything else that you can offer to the community.

 Day-trips: Trips to the seashore in Progreso, exploring the city of Mérida, to have a look the ocean in Sisal, Celestum, watching the pyramids in Uxmal or Chichen Itza, enjoying the evening programs offered in Mérida or to visit a place of your choice. Why not be the next part-time guide during the trip?

to join?

Contact us on FB 
or send an e-mail to

Let us know when and how many of you are planning to spend time in San José Tzal, what can you contribute and how much is it worth for you monthly.

Contacting us doesn’t mean any obligation for any of the participants, this is the first step to get in contact with each other.

What are the costs?

It is on you now!

Please let us know, what you can add to our program during the pilot period. Make your offer, how much is it worth for you to be a part of the forming community while living in a spacious quinta with other worldschooler families.

What is it worth and what you can or want to add while being in San José Tzal?

Want to be part of our building community in San José Tzal?

Contact us on FB 
or send an e-mail to


The offer summarized

Come to San José Tzal and let’s start building a beyondschooler community together!
Live in one of the family rooms in the quinta and enjoy the company of other families and our activities together.

The pilot project starts on the 1st of May 2019 and ends at the end of April 2020.

Make your offer and we will contact you!

Contact us on FB 
or send an e-mail to


What is included in the price? 

Activities for your kids in the quinta
– Equipped accommodation in a family room in the quinta is San José Tzal (including gas, water, garbage, electricity, internet, drinking water),


NOT included in the price are

– costs of the one-day trips and entrance fees
– visa
– insurances
– transport
– food


Want to be the part of the adventure of building up a worldschooler community? 

Contact us on FB 
or send an e-mail to

Let us know when and how many of you are planning to spend time in San José Tzal, what can you contribute and how much is it worth for you monthly.


Want to follow up?
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