Szilvás gombóc

I planned for a long time to make a cooking event together.

First, I planned some to make together some authentical Mexican food but we ended up in szilvás gombóc (plum dumpling). This is a Hungarian food (maybe not Hungarian, but very common in the country). It is like a pastry, but our family usually eats it as a main course after a square soup.


There were just a few of us, 5 kids altogether and their mommies at our cooking event. I liked it so much and the kids also enjoyed preparing the food.


First, we made the dough, rolled out, filled it with the plum – we used homemade plum jam instead of fresh plums – and I cooked the dumplings while the children were playing.

You can read a recipe here. 

If you try the recipe, please leave a comment about your experiences.

Cleaning the kitchen was not the funniest part of the project but definitely worth the work.

Listen to this song! This is from the Hungarian musical A padlás. The title of the song is plum dumpling 🙂


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